About the Author

My name is Kianna (she, her) and I am publishing my debut novel. 
As I journey into this community of dreamers, I want my books to be known for how welcoming they are. For the indigenous community, the black/brown community, the LGBTQIA+ community, the AAPI/APIDA community, the neurospicy community, and everybody else. 
I want my space to be a safe space, always, and will always endeavor to be growing, learning, and being the best human I can be for myself and my readers. 
I intend for the genres in which I write to reflect the diversity of which I read. So, don't be shocked if I write a fantasy one day, a contemporary romance another, and a why choose dark romance another. 
I will always have blurbs and trigger warnings on my website as well as within the books for readers to consume my content safely and informed. I hope you are as excited for my books as I am. 
Thank you for taking a chance on this baby author. 


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