This feels surreal!

June 18th, 2023

Wow. What a day! A member of my team and I started the PR box process today.  Figuring out what items I would want in the box, broaching the topic with my TikTok and Instagram followers, pricing things out, finding vendors, etc.

I am feeling excited and a little sticker shocked BUT that's also why I started this process so early. I'm anticipating preorders to be up by the end of the year and arcs will be out next year (naughty, naughty no details yet lol) so this felt like a good time to begin this part of the process.

Currently I have two peoples feedback out of ten and that concept alone (I wrote a book and it is in other human beings hands) is trippy. But I am also so thrilled to have such an incredible team of talented and kind people helping me with this dream of mine.

After all the feedback is in the second largest edit will be underway and its not too much longer after that that I'll have to get my cover!

What an incredible time. I feel so overcome with gratitude. And to you as well, Gentle Reader. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post let alone, hopefully, Grounders.

I'm seeing a lot of positive feedback on the post I posted earlier about those that would be interested in a PR box so I've already started a hesitant list of those that will receive it.

Alright, I'm gonna call it here before I reveal too many behind the scenes spoilers lol. Thank you for reading and I bid you goodnight!


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