Trigger Warnings

Mental health is so, so important. It's so easy to pick up a book you are excited to read and flip through the first few pages to get to the good stuff. But I implore you to take the time to read through these trigger warnings. Protect your space, keep your boundaries, and if this list looks okay to you then I hope you have a wonderful time reading Grounders! If not, then perhaps one of my future books will interest you. Either way you have value as a person and know that I appreciate you.

The list on the left is the general trigger warnings, and below that, those same trigger warnings, but in depth. The in depth section contains mild spoilers so BEWARE. Please always take care of yourself and stop reading if that's what is in your best interest. 

Other than that happy reading!


The General Trigger Warnings List:

-Death of a parent



-Injury/injury detail




-Fight scenes



-Almost drowning




The In-Depth Trigger Warnings List:

-Death of a parent: One of the main five characters, Etu, mother dies. The book doesn't go into detail about how she passes but he is struggling with grief after her passing.

-Grief/loss: Grief is evident in Etu as he is processing his mothers death during the events of Grounders.

-Sickness: It's mentioned how people are getting sick and, at times, a little about grayish pallor and such descriptions like that but no strong detail about medical things or the sickness itself.

-Injury/injury detail: There is no dismemberment in Grounders nor any gore. But there are injuries sustained and some blood.

-Gas lighting: The villain of Grounders gaslights one of the characters to manipulate him into doing his bidding. It comes up during their interactions but that is limited to only the chapters told from Branch's POV.

-Abandonment: Another of the top five main characters, Tempest, struggles with abandonment after her family left her in Wildflower Valley. It's mentioned a little throughout the book but you see it most in Tempests POV chapter.

-Blood: There is a battle and blood/injuries happen although there is no gore or dismemberment.

-Fight scenes: There are several fight scenes and they have some detail.

-Kidnapping: One of the main characters gets kidnapped in the night and wakes up somewhere she hadn't fallen asleep. It's all dealt with pretty quickly.

-Confinement: When the main character that gets kidnapped wakes up she is shackled to the wall.

-Almost drowning: Again for the poor main character that gets kidnapped. This scene could be intense for those sensitive to a drowning scene.

-Cursing: There's light cursing sprinkled in throughout the book so if you don't like the word 'fuck' or some other word there isn't too much but you may not care for it.



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